Have property that you need managed? Interested in managing yourself with professional marketing and screening? Wondering if you should sell or rent? Curious if you current rental pricing is set competitively? Contact us today for the answers.

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Considering getting into the property investment arena? We can help determine pricing for a location, advise on potential budgets and help you shop smarter for the ideal rental, whether it’s a house, multi-family unit, office building or shopping center.

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Looking for a place to call home? We only represent properties that we would live in ourselves. Our houses are a step above. Check them out and call for an appointment to see one or more today!

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DID YOU KNOW most renters hate their landlords?

And many landlords don’t like their tenants.

Sure, you’ve rented before, but never like this.

Imagine—no more unpleasant landlords.
And landlords, imagine no more difficult tenants.

At Thunderbird Properties, we make the care of your rental home CAREFREE

We cultivate relationships by communicating with both tenants and owners so no matter who you are, you always know exactly what’s going on with your property.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3 …


If you are in need of a home, want to rent your property, or are looking to invest in the market, you need an ally to get you started (or keep you going).


We make tenants happy by providing high quality properties you can call home, and we never rent a property we wouldn’t live in ourselves.

We make owners and happy by addressing any and all maintenance issues with the help of our awesome team of contractors.

We make investors happy by aiding in the venture process and offering step-by-step education to make sure you are getting the best deal for your money and will acquire the best return on investment possible.

We promise to go Above & Beyond to make renters happy in their home, keep properties filled with long-term tenants, and ensure all parties have the best rental experience possible.